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Saudi Industries Innovative Company

Saudi company specialized in manufacturing of products and inventions Arabia and develop new products to compete with global thinking and the hands of Saudi Arabia which is not limited to a specific product, but include electrical and electronic appliances and central kitchens are equipped, restaurants and hotels industrial license number: 17620.

  The idea of ​​the establishment of the company is to resolve suffering faced by Almokhtroon the Saudis to highlight

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Favorit Tea heater

Of the best types of heaters available in the local market very carefully chosen to endure the same excellent features for a long time . , Where he is the best heater for

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Patented product saudi Industrial china
Holds international patents of America and the European Union countries and

Ancient Chinese tea table
Custom-made to serve tea and make tea worth ancient and distinctive taste
Equipped for pouring and washing all tea services

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عروض فرن التنور الفخاري الكهربائي




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al-tannur info

New Tannur

Cooking and baking oven en

Cooking Shammy bread

keezer bread


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Full tannur movie

Video detailed electric potter's oven contains everything related to cooking in the oven full sheep and chickens with sporadic Information explanation for enlightenment

Cooking in the food show

The source of the confidence in our products is always Mtoagdin in local and international forums to show pride thought Saudi Arabia and its ability to innovate and always obtain satisfaction and impress everyone in our products.

Tannur around the world

As proof of the success of the electric potter oven furnace and confidence of users worldwide praise God Almighty has spread across the globe with the increasing demand on an ongoing basis and praise be to God

Tannur tea

Chinese green tea enlightenment high quality and a special section for the best way to prepare green tea enlightenment

Saudi TV interview

the meeting of Sheikh / Abdul Samad Noah on the second channel Arabia Part I

M b c fm interview

M b c fm

Tannur Baker

Baking oven baking demo and experience nature
And will soon be manufacturing the final

فيس بوك 3

فيس بوك2

فيس بوك

خريطة الموقع

عن مؤسسة - abut us

صناعة الأجهزة الكهربائية والالكترونية وتجهيز المطابخ المركزية والمطاعم والفنادق. ترخيص صناعي رقم : 17620 . وتجارة الجملة والتجزئة الأجهزة الكهربائية والالكترونية والحاسبات وصيانتها والمواد الغذائية والشاي واستيرادها وتصديرها.

Manufacture of electrical and electronic devices and central processing Price, restaurants and hotels. Industrial License No.: 17620. Wholesale and retail electric and electronic devices, computers and maintenance, food, tea, imported and exported.

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