Cooking Shammy bread
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عروض فرن التنور الفخاري الكهربائي



2 ½ cup white flour.
1 cup water.
A quarter cup of water laced with a spoon yeast + tablespoon sugar.
Tea spoon salt.
Aspoon king powder.
These are all ingredients and Nlaaht yeast fermented rose necessary Nkhalaha the 10 Dqaig Ashan ferments!!

The way

Keep the first Chi flour, salt and King Powder Biina kneading and then work a small hole with flour
And pour the cup of water and yeast in the Cup middle and Njn, for 10 minutes
You must be a little stiff dough
Harder than Alaftaar paste

After completion of the dough we encapsulation by plastic and we wrapped a towel and put a warm place for one hour

Without an increase or decrease can heat the oven and put it inside 
The following image shows sleek shape of the dough tends to rigidity !!!!! 

After Hours Watch how the dough became.  

We run the upper and lower oven
At a very high temperature with a lift sheet

Start cutting the dough
Average ball-shaped well
We reiterate wrapped in plastic
And leave for 10 minutes

then individual and also leave them 10 minutes
And do not forget the use of flour during the kneading so do not stick to only a few

Then attend the sheet that was inside the oven and put it at the top
To start baking
In the absence of a can shouted a large metal bowl
Perfusion sheet or plate in the top section of the oven
Bread and put it

Then Watch your bread Watch began the bulging  

If we began in flushes directed immediately and enjoy your fresh bread

وهذا شكله النهائي 

منقول لعيونكم

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