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عروض فرن التنور الفخاري الكهربائي


Saudi Industries Innovative Company

Saudi company specialized in manufacturing of products and inventions Arabia and develop new products to compete with global thinking and the hands of Saudi Arabia which is not limited to a specific product, but include electrical and electronic appliances and central kitchens are equipped, restaurants and hotels industrial license number: 17620.

  The idea of ​​the establishment of the company is to resolve suffering faced by Almokhtroon the Saudis to highlight their inventions for the existence of the lack of specialized workshops and factories in the inside of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Leading to frustration they may end inventions to the trash.

We study the invention and its seriousness and its economic feasibility and then we find the necessary funding for the manufacture and ejected as an innovative Saudoa product one hundred percent.

  Do not limit ourselves to manufacturing and stop at this point, in addition to the continued development of products we are studying the needs of the local and global market and the appropriate business marketing plans for the product and take it out as required to ensure its success.

  We are aware that our mission is a difficult challenge but we look forward to our competition to become the world's largest companies such as Samsung and LG, Sony and others. We do not know never impossible, God willing, and to reconcile.


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صناعة الأجهزة الكهربائية والالكترونية وتجهيز المطابخ المركزية والمطاعم والفنادق. ترخيص صناعي رقم : 17620 . وتجارة الجملة والتجزئة الأجهزة الكهربائية والالكترونية والحاسبات وصيانتها والمواد الغذائية والشاي واستيرادها وتصديرها.

Manufacture of electrical and electronic devices and central processing Price, restaurants and hotels. Industrial License No.: 17620. Wholesale and retail electric and electronic devices, computers and maintenance, food, tea, imported and exported.

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